So what do you think of this guys?

Hey community,

So I am helping out a couple of friends by buying them a few new parts. Some they are going to pay me back for, some are out of generosity.

The information on their rigs is hard to get, since they are both prebuilt, but I did what I can.

The first one is a Gateway
It has a Pentium D 915 dual-core at 2.8GHz with 1GB of RAM, that is going to be upgraded.

On Tigerdirect I bought a GTS250 for it, and I have a CoolerMaster 500W power supply lying around that I will use on it. I was wondering with more RAM if it would be worthwhile to upgrade it to 3 or 4GB. We're playing simple games such as LoL, nothing insane like BF3. Its for LANs just in case.

The other computer is an unknown brand
It has a Pentium 4 single-core at I think 3.2GHz with 3.5GB of RAM.

On Tigerdirect I bought a Radeon 5570 and was making sure that the processor would not bottleneck the card. It is the DDR3 model. I wouldn't think it would, but I want to post here to make sure it does not. This one will also be playing LoL, but at whatever graphics.

Also, I would like some criticism on my 3 rigs if you guys would. If not that's cool. I'm trying to learn since this is what I want to study to go to college for. I am pretty good at this stuff (my friends constantly ask me to upgrade and fix their stuff) but I would like some criticism. Especially the third rig, since I am making sure and learning about bottlenecks and stuff.

Thanks Tom's Community, you guys are like the best. I always come here first for my problems.
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  1. I only see 2 rigs listed...

    LOL is an old and undemanding app to run. I don't think you would see much performance gains past 2gb of RAM. Most likely will not benefit from 3-4 gbs. OCing that dual core P is probably worth way more than any ram money.

    The second rig with the 5570, well that card is pretty weak in todays lineup of ultra fast cards. It will easily be sufficient for LOL. Whether or not its getting dogged out by the single core is a different story. Will it make that card + cpu combo unplayable for LOL? No, it should be fast enough for that game. The card would run better in a different rig, but I don't think its worth it just for LoL.
  2. Sorry, I meant on my rig under the "member config" section. Sorry for not making that clearer. I think my Athlon may be bottlenecked by the GTS250.

    I am going to have to check if the BIOS will actually let me overclock the Pentium D, but those old Pentiums overclock like mad. I was thinking of just getting another stick of 1GB of ram for that one. Hey the GTS250 was $40, and I think that was a bargain considering I already had a 500W lying around.

    As for the second one, The 5570 was actually only $30, and my plan was to give it as a gift, since I would think that it would at least be marginally better than the GT210 he has in there right now. I wouldn't think the 5570 would bottleneck because as you said, it is a low-powered card. He also plays Killing Floor and Dungeon Defenders. Again, low spec games.
  3. TBH, I doubt the level of performance increase you could squeeze out of the gtx 250 being run on a faster platform would not be worth the effort unless the parts were cheap/free.

    I would benchmark the systems with something like 3dmark 05 or something of that era to simulate older games. Then compare the results to reviews for the graphics cards to see how close to their potential they are coming.

    $30 for that 5570 is a pretty sweet deal. Also, not sure what comments about which machines you want.
  4. Well the GTS250 was like $40, so I see that as pretty cheap as well., and I will run 3dmark 05 and see what happens. Thanks for the help!
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