How does this budget gaming build look?

Case, GFX Card, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor not included purposefully.

EDIT: I made it public, didn't work for some reason. Should work now. Sorry.
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  1. List the parts individually or make a public wish list.
  2. Your mobo, for some reason, is a little different than the out-of-stock more legitimate looking one:

    There is a difference. Here's a comparison of both of the Extreme4s and the Pros:

    As you can see, the Extreme4 has a lot of stuff that makes it seem like it's a slightly Extremeified Pro board... some stuff differs. For example, the LAN chipset.

    Then, I realized: The Extreme4 you have is a MICRO ATX! Did you know this? I would suggest a full ATX. If possible, wait for the actual Extreme4 to be back in stock, or buy one of the Pros (not that much of a difference).

    Moving on...

    I don't know why you got a Z77 mobo anyway, because you don't have IB AND you're not overclocking... both are things the Z77 is for. Why do you even need the Extreme4 if you're not overclocking? Why do you need Z77, or Z68?

    We can't tell you how your build is going to perform because you didn't tell us the essential elements: the GPU. You may have a GTX 680 and play anything, or you may have IGP... so we can't tell you how it's going to look on gaming.
  3. I chose this mobo because I will be getting the 2600k or IB equivalent when I am able to afford it. And I do not want the micro board, you are correct. I will get the full when it is out.

    I want Z77 because I will be using IB and will be overclocking (When I get the 2600k or IB)

    I will be getting the 560 Ti 6xx series equivalent as well.
  4. Ah. Okay. So you'll buy IB within the year? Because otherwise, I'd wait a year for Haswell and THEN buy a new mobo with CPU... because if you want to use an Intel CPU two years from now, you won't be able to use a Z77... it'll be good for one year of upgrades from your CPU.

    Also, if you're running on IGP while you wait for the 560 Ti series, you won't be able to play many mainstream games.
  5. my brain doesn't care about Haswell, I don't go that much ahead. If it comes by and it works for me and is better than what I got. I will deal with it then, but for now, the i3 then 2600k will suffice.

    And yes I know, the HD 2k are garbage. But they should get me by on just some internet browsing and a few simple applications. Thanks!
  6. I'm running IGP on Intel Duo-Core T2400 @ 1.83 GHz, and I can play Battlefield Play4free with minor lag :)
  7. BF P4F is a nice game, if the HD 2k can play it OK then I will be happy.
  8. It should be fine. My chip is REALLY old, and IGP still work okay. A lot of the "free" games (not Combat Arms... terrible coding) that are fps will work okay. Halo CE is always good!
  9. Cool.

    It general, is this build good?
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    Well... it's kind of the barebones for a later gaming rig. I can't really say how good it is because you don't have your final CPU or GPU... as it is, right now, it's fine... but it's not a gaming rig. It's something to hold you over until later. So basically, your performance per dollar is terrible, but later on, when you upgrade, the upgrade will cost much less.
  11. Okay. I will ask around and see what needs to be changed. Thanks for you help!
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  13. No problem! Actually, benchmarks were just released and the IB isn't that much better than SB... in fact, it's a bit of a bad overclocker.... it runs very hot. So you might want to get an i5-2500k now, and save yourself the pain of the i3. Also, get a CPU cooler (Hyper 212+ or Evo is good). I can't advise on GPUs later on, because the GPU market changes very often!

    Hope I helped! Feel free to pm me with any questions! Good luck!
  14. Yeah I don't think I will go IB. 2600k for me, as the hyper threading will help me. (Editing)

    The Hyper 212 is on my list along with the 2600k.

    Will do!
  15. Very nice build, then! Have fun!
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