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I just bought a 7950 and i noticed in the catalyst control centre you can actually increase all settings like core clock, memory clock, fan speed and power settings. Its stock at like 800 for core clock and cant remember the others,, but can i please get a dumbed down version of the pros and cons on setting these to max, or close, to. Im guessing having them set to max is going t decrease the life span, but if its on this catalyst control centre then there is obviously minimal risk in making it unstable and other unwanted issues.. thanks
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  1. Read this , is about how to overclock your 7950
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    You can download MSI Afterburner, Get the clock speed to 1000Mhz Core/1375Mhz Memory Without any voltage settings, and do a stability testing with furmark/MSI kombustor. Make sure everything is good (Temperatures, PSU capabilities, etc) and you should be safe, I know it's going to decrease the live span, but not epicly. Epic decrease is only when you change voltage settings. Also, there is a very minimum risk of damaging your Graphics card because overclocking Graphic cards is such easy and fun (except Voltages of course), so it will boost your performance. Now why I'm telling you to use Afterburner is because It's what people usually use to overclock their graphics card. But, CCC is fine anyway. Now what I'm going to tell you is, Good Luck :).
  3. with the CCC i can manually get the core clock to 1100Mhz , and the mem clock to 1575Mhz would this be ok, like i cant touch any voltage settings cos they not there to adjust, this all came with the driver for my card so i guessing it should be ok right?
  4. well I think you would be OK, but make sure it's stable and check temperatures. But note that means you overclock more and more heat, noise and more lifespan decrease.
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