Radeon HD 6850 Weird Problem?

I bought a Gigabyte AMD HD Radeon 6850 recently, u can read up on this here:

But I noticed when I got it I had terrible performance (old nvidia drivers have been completley deleted), by that I mean I get stutter in all of my games or just bad frame rates/ stutter and bad frame rates. The stuttering usually happens in online games but my internet connection is fine and I've tried playing the online games offline and I still get lag.

So I did a reformat but no improvement in performance, so that night I spent a lot of time messing with drivers and overclocking,downclocking etc. I did manage to get the stutter fixed in online games (or atleast the ones I had installed so far) and Battlefield 3 ran great.

Unfortunatley I forgot what I did to fix this when I did another refromat as I was not seeing a performance increase in some other offline games, but even after the second reformat there was no increase and the stutter is back, silly me :( . I've tried all coreclock settings on both my CPU and GPU through AMD Catalyst Centre (on 12.1 with 11.2 cap), putting them to the lowest and the highest but wen't I put down the coreclock on my GPU it get's really laggy and it is too hard to tell if the stutter is there or it just below 30 fps so it looks constantly laggy/choppy. This happens with valve games too and I am seeing worse performance than my old GTS 250 :??: .

This may all get fixed as I am buying a new PSU as my current one's fan is a bit faulty (too lazy to replace fan itself), but on my first reformat I managed to fix the stuttering in online games with only messing with software, not the PSU and no software settings for the PSU.

This might be a common thing with AMD GPU's, as I never had any problems with my old card (stuttering or bad frames).

Here's a few games that I've tried it on and the description of how the play currently.

Battlefield 3 - Good frames (60-70), but still stuttering every few seconds which brings fps down about 10.
Team Fortress 2 - Bit hard to tell, frames don't look too good and stuttering is definitley evident (this is the same for all valve games I currently have installed)
Skyrim - Running all on medium and windowed runs fine mostly but In whiterun it get's quite laggy, playable but still annoying.
Call of Duty 4 - Before I state my fps I need to explain; Cod4 has VERY unstable fps, on any comp if u are not getting 250 constant (max fps in cod4) u could notice your fps ranging an entire 100 fps, and that's just the way the game is. My fps is 125 constant (I used a command to set the max fps ingame to 125) and it goes sometimes to 200 but is very unstable)

This might be related to my CPU, as I am getting temps of 70 after playing even a bit of LoL (League of Legends), could that be a problem? My GPU temp is around 35-40 so that's fine.

PC Specs:

Gigabyte GA-M720-US3
AMD Athlon II X4 630 Processor (4 CPUs) ~ 2.8ghz
Power Supply:
Coolermaster 500 Watt
Video Card:
Gigabyte AMD HD Radeon 6850

Sorry for the long post, hope someone can be bothered to read as I bought my GPU for Christmas but haven't really got to use it (atleast not to it's full potential). Also no
Overclocking is currently on.
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  1. Sounds like PSU-related problem to me
  2. Well I am buying a new PSU this saturday (on my bday :D) so I will report back here once I have the new PSU running.
  3. Checked my CPU temps on 'CPU ID HW Monitor'

    Here's all the info:

    So my CPU is at 69 degrees, which seems a bit high since I only played a few hours of League of Legends and haven't been playing anything for a few hours.

    Before on my old card a GTS 250 I could handle LoL and some other games without stutter or problems, but 6850 seems worse now :/.

    How to make it so I let my computer turn down my GPU clock and other clock settings to however low it needs to be so it won't overheat?

    Still that seems way too high for just LoL right?
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