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Sli 580s or wait for 700 series?

So with Nvidia's new gpus coming out i was wondering what i should do. I currently have a gtx 580 and was thinking about getting a second for sli which im pretty sure would out perform a gtx 780. However im not sure if i should get the second for sli or just upgrade to the new gpu since it is a new generation. I'm leaning towards the second 580 just because it will probably give me a bigger performance increase. By the way ive got an i7 2600k overclocked to 4 ghz running on a corsair hx 1050 so im pretty sure my psu will be fully capable of handling two 580s. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. single gtx 580 will be good for now no need to sli.keep this single card till the 7xx series and hd 8xxx to comeout then sell this and buy one single powerful card it will be more better to keep an single card.
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    check this review then u will understand why i am saying you to keep single card.
  3. i think buy 7950 OC C/P is good now.
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  5. Thanks for the responses. Yeah your probably right i havent had to lower any settings yet so i'll just hold off on any upgrade
  6. your welcome,goodluck.
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