CPU fan too loud Phenom II X4 955

So I built my computer around 6 months ago, since then I've installed a new 1TB Hard drive, a new 700watt PSU and a GTX 670.
The CPU fan has always been really loud but now its just getting down right annoying, anyone know what I can do?

I already have three fans in the case and they're reasonably loud as it is, but that doesn't bother me so much.

Any help would be great.

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  1. What are your CPU temperatures looking like? Either it's getting really hot so the fan is trying to keep up or the fan is on it's way out.
  2. If it is not your fan controller turning your fan faster.

    You can try servicing your fan, by opening it up, look for a little sticker and then rubber panel that covers the ball bearing and then putting 1 drop of oil/lubricant on it (not wd-40. Sewing oil, gun oil, motor oil, silicone spray). This is not available on all fans.

    but best way is just get a new cooler.
    The 212+ or evo is very quiet. and costs $20 or $30 respectively.
  3. The GTX 670 might have raised the overall temps inside the case a bit and now causes your heatsink fan to rev up a bit more to try and cool the CPU down.

    As stated above, what are your temps?. You might be better off just going with a decent cheap aftermarket cooler even if you aren't overclocking. As it should provide a lot better cooling then stock.
  4. Hi thanks for all the responses, how would I be able to take the temperatures?
  5. Right after turning off unleashing mode(Only way to get CPU temps unfortunately)

    I have a min of 44C and max of 48C on Idle, with it rising to around 60+C while under load(Playing a game like GTAIV for example)

    Seems to me like buying either the 212+ or evo would be my best bet right now?

  6. I seem to be talking to myself here, anyway I bought a 212 should be here tomorrow
  7. themightynaan said:
    I seem to be talking to myself here, anyway I bought a 212 should be here tomorrow

    Yeah that will help the temps and the fan is much quieter than the 80mm/92mm (can't recall the size cus I havent used one in a while) stock fan. Also the 212 will allow you to put a sizeable overclock on the CPU without overheating.
  8. Good plan replacing the stock cooler, the 212 is far superior. If you put second 12CM fan on it, it's a monster and it cools much more quietly as well.
  9. The BIOS probably has the fan speed set to max. Go in and manually set the speed to a lower setting. I recently built my wife a computer and the ASRock BIOS had the fan set to full 100% speed all the time. I went in and set it for a lower minimum speed and it slowed it down to a nice quiet level. What settings you have will depend on what motherboard and what BIOS you have but you still should be able to get into it and change the CPU fan controller settings.
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