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Hi all,
so today i built my new PC and i first started with external build and everything worked perfect then i put everything inside now i have everything plugged in and it says on the screen "VGA NO SIGNAL" and i even tried hdmi nothing has worked my monitor even goes to sleep after. please help me.
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  1. did your graphic card is well seated in the motherboard and does she need a power cable
  2. I pulled it out and put it back in and the lights are on on my graphics card so there is power.
  3. onboard video + video card? if so got the monitor plugged into the video card?

    system specs/parts used?
  4. Does the motherboard have onboard video?

    If so, you may need to switch the video settings in the BIOS to use your PCIe graphics card.

    Try running with the MINIMUM amount of hardware if still stumped. I believe this is:

    - motherboard,
    - power supply,
    - one stick RAM,
    - monitor
    - CPU + HSF
    - graphics card (don't use yet if your motherboard has onboard graphics)
  5. i have plugged into my mobo, i have asus nvidia 570 gtx and my mobo is P8z68-v pro
  6. *RAM can ONLY go in specific slots. You need to read your motherboard manual. For a single stick this is usually ONLY one of the four spots or it won't boot.

    You can also run memory diagnostics using memtest ( OR )
  7. You need to test without your graphics card using the motherboard's video output.
  8. i tried with one ram still didnt work i plugged into my mobo without my video card didnt work and i even tried plugging into my video card directly wont work.
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    did you forget to put the stand off post under the board and did you check if there is a power cable connected on the 8 pins atx connectors ,would recheck all power connectors
  10. i double checked my motherboard connector and found it was lose everything works fine now thanks!
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