Best service? amazon newegg ncix hookbag

HI I want to buy a laptop online

i can buy it direct from manufacturer(ex acer)
or ncix //hookbag(postecanada)

wich offer best after SALE AND WARRANTY ?
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  1. newegg or amazon
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  2. I have had very good luck with NCIX. They even price match :) They also have weekly sales and some daily sales as well.

    I have heard many good things about amazon, but have never had to make a return.

    Never had to make a return to newegg either so can not comment.

    I do most shopping at ncix to be honest and have for years.

    For price comparison, it may be worth checking out pricebat(Just happened to find some M4 256 SSDs[netlink daily sale that I missed, but was still posted and valid] for 170, seemed like a good price to me).
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  3. All are good companies but to me NEWEGG is KING.

    I have heard very good things about NCIX however I have no experience with them as I am not in Canada.
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  4. Best answer
    In Canada I find to be much quicker than I did buy a HDD from Hookbag recently - had the best price and shipping was surprisingly fast.
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  5. I have never bought an entire computer from, only parts. I can tell you though that they provide detailed product descriptions, fast delivery, and a great selection.
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  6. rwayne said:
    All are good companies but to me NEWEGG is KING.

    I have heard very good things about NCIX however I have no experience with them as I am not in Canada.

    There's ;)
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  7. NCIX and NEWEGG and AMAZON are great for deals and delivery.

    In the US and CANADA.
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  8. anaturelover said:
    wich offer best after SALE AND WARRANTY ?

    I have never bought one in my life.

    If it works in first year, than it mostly last till replaced.

    I am talking about quality parts.
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  9. Best answer selected by anaturelover.
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  10. Tnx for the best answer.
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  11. I personally would never buy anything from NCIX again unless they have a really good deal. Which they sometimes do, no doubt. I've been buying from them for the past many years, but no more... Just seems like they're a business for $ and $$ only.

    I just ordered something from them on the 23rd of December for an open box item. They charged me over a week ago and yesterday, they replied "Sorry we've either over sold or lost the open box item you're trying to buy". Their solution to me was: Please purchase at new price or we can do a full refund. Thanks, let me just roll back time and buy another monitor at boxing day sale... Even called the store manager and their response to me was just deflection until I give up. The hilarious thing was I saw the same monitor being sold as open box the same day as they told me it was missing for 40$ more.(Please know the open box option was taken off after my purchase and put back a few days before they rejected my purchase...)
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