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Hello, I have a Dell XPS 730 that came with a Nvidia 9800gt x2 SLI I would like to upgrade the card as it is failing. I bought the unit in 2008. I have ugraded to windows7 64 bit and 8GB of Ram. Can you give me a suggestion as to a replacement that will perform better at a reasonable cost. Thanks for your help. I have no particular loyalty to Nvidia meaning that an ATI graphics card that outperforms at a reasonable price is something I would look into. Thanks, Jonny
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  1. What CPU do you have and what PSU(brand, watts and 12V rail Amps). What resolution do you play at?
    For resolution up to 1920x1080 i would recommend a 6950 1/2Gb video card. 2 Gb model might have an edge when playing with high AA. Sometimes in certain games 1Gb of RAM is not enough.

    If you prefer Nvidia a GTX560 Ti(must have the "Ti") is close to a 6950 performance wise but it is more power hungry. Eider one is a good choice.

    You haven't posted a price limit so i posted what i think is the best price/performance ratio video card. If these models are too expensive a 6870 is also a good card for 1080p resolution.


    By the way, what i posted will be a few times more powerful than your 9800gt SLi.

    Either way it's going to be fine. Also tell me the power supply, because in this way I can get some information and confirm if it's enough or not. By the way, why did your 9800 GT SLI Fails?
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