Problems with my graphic card ati radeon 5450 hd on my gigabyte 945p-s3 motherbo

im having problems with my graphic card im afraid that my motherboard dosent suport her when i have the standard drivers for my graphic card its ok but when i try to instal beter drivers my scren starts to refresh on its own an the standard blue sreen comes up these are my specifics of the computer :
windows xp sp3
intel(R) Core(TM)2 Dou Cpu
E4500 @2.20GHz 2.21Ghz, 3.25GB of ram & im have an lcd monitor with 70hz of refresh rate help me please
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  1. For an LCD monitor, set the refresh rate to 60.

    Also make sure your power supply can run the video card a 5450 should not use much power at all, but if you have a weak or cheap power supply, can bring it over the limit.

    Also, is that a new or used card? If used, it could have been damaged already. I've run into used video cards that don't work when the drivers are installed but work on the VGA drivers.
  2. my card is new i have a power suply of 600W i tried to download new drivers from amd but when i instal them my scren goes on and off when i turn on my computer i can work on ih like for 30second and it frezes
  3. Try a different card, if it's new should be covered. Also make sure the PCIe slot is not a 1.0 rev, and the video card is not 2.1, some 2.1 cards crash or don't work on 1.0 PCIe slots.

    Can try a BIOS upgrade for the motherboard also.
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