Wireless printer slowing down my network?

I have a Wireless-N router, and all of my devices use Wireless-N with the exception of my wireless printer (Brother HL-2170W), which only supports Wireless-G.

I seem to recall reading that only one Wireless-G device can slow the entire Wireless-N-capable network to G speeds. Is this so? If so, would the slowdown occur only while using the wireless printer?
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  1. Well keep in mind that the more wireless devices you have the more it slows down your wireless. Remember when you had a printer hooked to your pc and when you printed everything it ran sluggish? well a wireless printer puts that burden on your network instead of your own pc.

    As far as G devices go they transfer at a slower rate, while the N rated devices transfer at the full 150/300 rate.

    You can test this by disconnecting/powering off the printer and surfing the web for a hour or so. See if you see a difference.

    Unless you printing all the time, a wireless G Printer should have very limited effect on your network.
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