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Currently I have an nVidia 220 GT that came with the computer when I bought it a couple years ago. I have a 350w power supply. The motherboard model is MS-7613 (Ionia -GL8E) and the generic model for the computer from HP is "HPE-150t."

What I'm wondering is if a Radeon 5670 or 6670 would work well enough in my computer, or if I should get a new power supply and then a more powerful graphics card to go with it (and if so which one)? :bounce:

Edit: Would like to add that I want to keep everything under $150
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  1. Quote:
    both the 5670 and 6670 will work in ur PC without a PSU upgrade.
    If you want an upgrade under USD150, you could get something like a Silverstone Strider 500watt and HD6770.

    If the 6670 would work without a PSU upgrade, what would be the benefit of getting a new PSU?
  2. get both in that budget psu and gpu because 300w psu is not good and only the last limit for that psu will be hd 6670 so i suggest u both in that budget.:)


  3. and then upgrade your cpu and then ram and them case
  4. Thanks for all your responses.

    One more question, and it might seem noobish, but which thing do you look at with PSU's and their case/mobo that will ensure the PSU's you guys have linked will fit?
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