Disconnects- ethernet cable lights turn off - help me!

I moved apartments, updated my mobo, and began using a new modem and router the same day. This has made narrowing down the issue very hard for me.

When I am plugged into the router, the internet will slow to a crawl for everyone using it and then completely shut down. My computer says that it is having trouble communicating with the primary dns server. I called the router company- cisco about my linksys e100 and they said that I go to bad website and need to invest in a $250 computer repair service. :/

When I am plugged directly into the modem I be doing fine, until my ethernet cable lights stop blinking when connected to my computer. The computer claims that there is not cable plugged in. After a couple times unplugging it and plugging it back in, it works.

ATT said that everything on their side is fine.

Kapersky says that my computer is clean of all STDs, even after an extended evaluation from a telephoned employee.

Do I need a new network card? I am currently running a MSI mobo for the sandy bridge chip. All my drivers are up to date, and windows 7 is as well.
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    My suggestion? See about going to a older version of your Mobo. Sounds to me like the update to your motherboard (assumeing your network card is integrated) was the culprit.

    My reasons are:

    You said the internet works fine till you plug up.
    You said ti worked fine before - (so the card is ok)
    When you plug into the modem you get issues as well (so its not the router)

    DSL Modems are really hard to mess up.. there pretty simple devices, and besides you said it works so long as you dont connect your pc

    My best guess goto the older version of your motherboard and try again. i think it would be fine.

    Also try to update the firmware on your router, Call AT&T and make sure the DNS numbers on your modem are valid.
  2. Have you tried another cable? Sounds like you're experiencing packet loss.
  3. Actually what had happened was I had turned off Window's update two months earlier because it was downloading while i was trying to play some video games. I just turned it on last week, installed fifty updates, and now everything is working well.
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