CPU Stuck to Heatsink - Removal?

Ran into a bit of a ... sticky ... situation while attempting to replace my CPU fan. It was dying and I'm attempting to replace it with a new one (CoolerMaster 212 Plus), but it seems that the thermal grease from the stock heatsink (AMD 945) very thoroughly dried onto the CPU and heatsink. When I removed the heatsink it came off the motherboard with the CPU still stuck to it:

The CPU itself seems to be intact (no bent pins) though I'm unsure about the condition of the motherboard as the locking switch for the CPU was still locked when the processor came out. But my main question right now: is there any way to remove the processor from the heatsink? I've tried to work paper between the two without any success, and I don't want to do anything that could damage the processor.

I get the feeling it wasn't installed properly to begin with but I'd rather not replace my entire processor for such a, well, stupid problem.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. As odd as it sounds, try a hairdrier.
  2. Wiggle it around back and forth some after blow drying it. The hair dryer will help warm up and soften the paste. Sounds like your CPU was getting really, really, really hot lol
  3. Looks like that did it. Spent a couple of hours with acetone, a hair dryer, and pliers, and managed to remove the CPU, and amazingly it still works. Thanks for the help!
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