How are these GPU and CPU temps ?

Wasn't too sure where to post this but if a mod could move it if it's not suppose to be here please do.


So I have very similar readings from like 4 different temp reading programs
AMD OverDrive
Core Temp

they're all giving me the same readings so I'm guessing that this is pretty accurate info
The CPU is a Phenom II x4 965
GPU is an XFX HD Radeon 6770
Idle temps
CPU: 36c-38c
GPU: 47c-48c

Under pressure gaming (The Witcher 2, Just Cause 2, Crysis all on high-max settings)
CPU: 45c
GPU: 63c

The stock case fan I have right now are very loud, I was wondering if those 2 components were hot ? The loud fans have me worried but I think it might just be because they're loud and not very good. I plan to get new ones soon but I'm just making sure my PC isn't overheating at all.
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  1. Looks great to me, actually. :)
  2. you got good temp ,what is your case model and name and how many fans in it
  3. It's a Rosewill Blackbone Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
    comes with two 120mm fans (one has a blue led that you can see from the front mesh paneling, it looks really cool)

    the fans however are very loud and scream when I put my cpu and gpu under load. They are running normally but they just are very loud when they kick in so I plan on replacing both of them with 2 cooler master fans with LEDs.
  4. they are running at full speed all the time do they connect to the board on a molex cable
  5. they connect to the motherboard

    are you saying that it's probably not my case fans making the noise ? What else would it be ? My PSU or heatsink ? I know it's not my GPU making that because I heard it separate when I was testing out some clock speeds.
  6. Stock AMD HSF's (Heatsink/Fans) are NOTORIOUSLY loud. VERY loud.
  7. DJDeCiBeL said:
    Stock AMD HSF's (Heatsink/Fans) are NOTORIOUSLY loud. VERY loud.

    mmm I see, any fix for it ? I'd hate to have to buy a new one because I'm scared of putting on the thermal paste..I fear I'll put on too much or use the wrong kind and ruin my CPU. I have a strong fear of reinstalling the heatsink ;x
  8. If it's a 4 pin fan, you should be able to control it with your motherboard in the BIOS or with the software for your motherboard.

    If it's a 3 pin fan, you may be able to use a program like SpeedFan to control it.

    All either of those does though is slows the fan down, so it's not so loud. Doesn't really SOLVE the problem, it just puts a band-aid on it.
  9. when was the last time you dust out all your fans
  10. brand spanking new build, just built her yesterday and dusted out everything befor eputting it in
  11. check if the cooler is well fix to the board and that the fan in screw in place on the cooler that nothing is loose,using stock amd fan and did not ear it running case fan does more noise and yes DJDeCiBel suggest you a after market cooler that will help reduce the sound and cool the cpu also apply a good thermal paste,you could also add a fan below the graphic card on the side panel
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