This CPU to replace aging Phenom?

I'm running an Gateway DX4200-09. It's abysmally slow for gaming.

It possesses probably one of the worlds slowest processor... an AMD Phenom X4 9150e. Comes full with a low clock rate (1.8GHz) and locked multiplier. To make matters worse, my motherboard can only muster 65w to the CPU.

The best thing I can get that is compatible with AM2+ and supports 65w is the AMD Athlon II X2 260 (Regor). I understand that this processor was meant for average everyday use and limited gaming, but honestly it's the best thing I can do to blow the dust off this motherboard. I want to suck out all all the life I can get out of this motherboard, so I know not uprgrading the motherboard and getting an Phenom sounds dumb, but still.

What I plan to do is after I get the CPU and the GPU (Radeon 6670) in order, i'm going to transfer it to a whole new case (better airflow) and let it live out it's life, and then start from scratch. Or, I could just buy a new case and put this stuff in it.. or... :pt1cable:

Will this CPU bottleneck a 6670? Will it being dual core hurt it's potential for now?

Thanks y'all.
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  1. It will give better gaming experience in most games but will not multitask as well as the phenom X4.
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