Hey guys,
Which is would be more better?

1045t vs 965?

With stock and with overclock?
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  1. Gaming 965BE
    Multitasking 1045T
    It is easier to overclock a BE CPU because of the unlocked multiplier.
  2. It really depends on what you want to do with the computer. The 965 BE is a core CPU with an unlocked mulitplier so it can be heavily overclocked. This makes it very good for gaming. Most games only use one or two cores anyway. The 1045T is a six core CPU and doesn't have an unlocked multiplier. With the right board it can technically be overclocked but only a few hundred Mhz it can't be overclocked to the same level as a Black Edition CPU. Also six cores is going to be way overkill for gaming because as mentioned already most games ony use one or two cores. So if you are gaming I would go with the 965 if you are doing more CPU demanding stuff like video editing, encoding or 3d design then I would go with the 1045T.
  3. Thanks guys
    But the thing is im going to be gaming and using photoshop so which one would be better?
  4. I would get the 965 BE and overclock it as much as possible.
  5. Thanks,
    How much could i overclock it?
    With a Arctic cooling 7 Fan
  6. It's hard to say. It depends on your CPU cooler, overall case cooling and luck. Some chips just overclock better than others. You can probably get it to ~3.8 Ghz.
  7. Oh okky :) Thanks btw :)
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