Replacing the IO panel in the Coolemaster Storm Trooper

So I got my Storm Trooper about 2 weeks ago and the IO panel wasn't working so Cooler Master sent me a replacement with all the wires. I'm having a hard time installing it. Do they want me to remove the wires from the previous one? Am I supposed to disconnect them all? I'm so frustrated. It seems like a simple process but this is my first PC build and I wasn't expecting to replace this thing. I wish they would have just taken my case and done it for me. It's essentially an awesome case but I wish I got something a little simpler.
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  1. take both side panels off

    release the 6 tabs to remove the top panel

    then examine the new io port panel--if the wires detach from the rear of it you should be able to take one wire of at a time and put them on the new panel

    if they dont detach then you will have to disconnect all the wires from inside the case remove the whole panel with the wires--put in new panel and re-route and connect all the wires

    take photos before starting of where the wires go to help--put labels on them as well if it helps so you know where the new ones go

    good luck as theres a lot of wires but its reasonably straight forward really if you take your time
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