Help me please im afraid i will break my processor.

I have recently gotten my thermaltake frio fan and I go to install it and I take off my old fan and... well the processor is stuck to my old fan, if you can help please do so.

I thought about getting a knife and prying it off ... didn't think that was a good idea....

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  1. Run a stress test on the CPU for a few minutes to loosen up the old paste.
  2. I'm new to processors... how do i do that?

    last time this happened ...i smashed the pins >.<
  3. Well, you don't necessarily HAVE to do that, you can just use a hair dryer as well.

    But a program like Intel Burn Test would be good for the stress test. Just a few passes should do it.
  4. Ok i will be back if it doesn't work, or i need help. Thanks :) .
  5. Ok I cannot get this thing off.... I have sat there forever holding a hair dryer and it is so hot I can't touch it but I forced myself and it won't budge.... I'm thinking of Mr. Plyers ehheeheh.

    any ideas ?

    i even poked it with some tweasers ( if im spelling that right >.<) and it wouldn't move... :(
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    Well, I guess give IBT a try then.

    5 passes on High should get it plenty warm enough. After that, just twist a bit (after shutting down, of course) and it should dislodge.
  7. ok...ugggggg I'll have to wait a while for it to get cooler after heating it so much, i'll give it a try and come back if it doesn't work.
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  9. It worked(the hair dryer) haha i walked in my bathroom where i was heating it an twisted it like you said and plop right off. Thankyou!!!
  10. Awesome! Glad that worked after all, and you're welcome. :)
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