What do you guys think?

So my father and I just ordered new parts to upgrade the home desktop and I was wondering what you guys thought...

We currently have a 10 year old computer with a Core 2 Duo (Pentium 4 maybe? I cant remember) @3.2Ghz, 1GB DDR Ram, Radeon X300 GPU @ 128Mb, crappy 5400rpm 250gb hdd 0:3

In our new build we've got a i5 2400, 8Gbs DDR3 @ 1333 Mhz, Radeon 6850 @ 1Gb/256Bit, compatible Z68 Motherboard, Western Digital 500gb HDD @ 7200 RPM W/ 32mb Cache

I know the performance increase will be phenomenal, but exactly how much? Also, with that setup what kind of gaming performance could there potentially be?
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  1. Well... 6850 is good enough for low on 1080p on all modern games, I believe. It depends what games you want to play.
  2. What will the performance increase be? Substantial compared to that dinosaur.

    What kind of gaming performance? It will play any game on the market today at very agreeable quality settings.
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    on the cpu side you can expect 30%-100% better performance.

    your gaming performance will depend on the resolution of what games you are playing. though you can safely assume many games that were unplayable will flow like melting butter :)
  4. Although a 6850 isn't going to max out BF3. Take a look at some benchmarks... either google "6850 benchmarks", or I've got one review:

    tomshardware also has a chart (VGA) showing benchmarks of all GPUs, so you can compare it there.
  5. Yea, I just did some comparisons on anandtech and i was pleased. Most gaming that I've done has been on my laptop with a Radeon 5450M 512MB so i'll even see a big increase from that. And as far as resolution, the monitor thats hooked to the desktop is a cheaper LCD display with a very odd resolution of like 1367x 942 or some weird thing like that. My main game is WoW which I can run on good-high on my laptop with 30+ Frames even in major laggy areas. But I'm curious to see what STALKER and Metro 2033 looks like with DX10/DX11 Lighting and Shadows :3
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  7. With that resolution you can run your games at high settings...have you ever considered buying 1080p LED monitor? 22" go for $130ish
  8. maxinexus said:
    With that resolution you can run your games at high settings...have you ever considered buying 1080p LED monitor? 22" go for $130ish

    If it were completely for me I would probably do that. However it is a family PC that will mainly be used by my mother for her picture editing. The monitor we have will do just fine for her purposes. That being said, I do hope to have a 2000ish dollar budget within the next few months to build a computer for my college career, in which I'll be back for more advice.
  9. One thing is certain, fatbotyler, you're going to be very happy with what's on order when you get it up and running. Compared to what you were gaming with the difference will be night and day. Enjoy.
  10. you can always let mom know that the pictures will look better on a LED by having a better color calibration :)

    do a little research for back up.
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