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Hey guys, i have a Dell Studio XPS desktop computer with a 350 Watt PSU and i wanted to upgrade my 512mb Nvidia GT 530 graphics card to a more powerful one, does anyone have any ideas? also i called dell and they said i cannot upgrade my PSU so im stuck at 350W am i SOL or do i have other better options
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  1. Yes you can upgrade your PSU, tell me what's your total system specs? what do you need the card for & your monitor resolution.
  2. Dell is stupid. They only say that so the average dumb computer user doesn't try to put a new PSU in and ruin the computer. You're fine, its a standard ATX supply.
  3. Dell does make some pretty solid and competent power supplies. As far as 350W is concerned, there are plenty of cards you can opt for which are better than the GT530.
    To make things as simple as possible, get a graphics card without the need for auxiliary power. Benefits include not having to worry about 6/8 pin power connectors and less worries about power requirements. :)
  4. Be aware that some Dells have proprietary PSUs. They wire the board/PSU 24 pin connector slightly different than standard. Here is an explanation:,3061-10.html *

    I don't know if they still do this or if yours falls in that catagory, but I'd check first.

    *Sorry, sent the wrong link first time.
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