Mid tower case needed

I have been working on building a computer for quite a while, here are all the parts:

Ram: Case
Cpu: CPU
Psu: PSU
Hdd: HDD
Gpu: GPU
Motherboard: MB
Optical Drive: Optical Drive

The only part I am missing is a case and i have been trying to find a decent one for a while, I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I am looking for a very good looking mid tower case that will fit all my parts and allow for good cable management and good space for airflow. My biggest concern is the cases cooling, I would like the case to have at least 1 200mm fan and 2 other 140/120mm fans. I can't really afford anything above $90 CAD at this point. Thanks for the help
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  1. How about this case? I don't know what kind of look you are going for but this coolermaster case looks rugged and is well within your price range with plenty of space for all of your parts.

  2. I have that case, it will hold 2 200mm fans but it comes with 0. Just an FYI. Basically your fan options are 1 200mm or 2 120mm in the front. 1 200mm or 2 120mm on top. Side panel will hold 1 120/140mm fan while the rear is 120mm only.

    Cable management is possible, but it's slightly limited.

    If your only using 1 or 2 hard drives the upper drive bay is removable and increases airflow from the front fan(s).

    It's only flaw is it's unpainted(interior). I'm actually ready to get rid of mine, and up/sidegrade to the HAF XM. It will hold 4 200mm fans, and fits 12+ inch video cards with the drive bays in place.
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