Power Supply failure damage rest of system>?

Hi, my computer's psu recently died, black smoke and smell. I'm guess the PSU burned out. It's a ULTRA psu 350 or 450w i believe, 4 years old ish. I'm wondering if any other components are damaged? They don't look damaged, usually when a PSU fails does it damage components? Some ppl say they do, if it is true how can i tell without a new psu?
I want to know because if i'm replacing psu and need to replace other components i'd like to buy them together. Thank you.
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  1. you will not know until you try to boot after installing a new PSU.

    if it wasn't a catastrophic event with pretty flaming sparks or anything and there is no brown spots on the motherboard from anything burning out; it should be fine.
  2. When a PSU fails it can cause a sudden voltage spike and current rush which can damage components.

    Good PSUs have circuitry which prevents damage from all but the most catastrophic failures but on cheap PSUs this is often one of the first components to go missing.

    The specifications for the Ultra LS350 do list overvoltage and overcurrent protection, the reviews are good and the construction seems to be reasonable enough for a mid range PSU so I'd say your chances are pretty good that the rest of your components are intact.
  3. Well at least you didn't have a Bestec so you stand a reasonable chance of everything being ok. I've seen a couple of cheap ones go, one took out the USB ports and the other was fine. My previous one died a horrible death (complete with fizzling and bright sparks!) and that was from a pretty large OEM manufacturer, thankfully it was probably the protection laying down its life to save my components.

    You won't really find out anything till you plumb the new one in, so fingers crossed:)
  4. Thank you guys very much for the response. I guess i'll hope for the best. Ultra does offer lifetime warranty and i think my product qualified. I'll still get another psu anyways.
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