Weird lines, pixels

Hello, well I got a problem regarding my graphic card or graphic related.
I see on images sometimes weird pixels like pink lines or white boxes, it is getting a bit on my nerves, also my PC randomly frezzes the whole screen, letting me to force restart it.

My specs are as follow.

PSU: Gigabyte 650W
CPU: AMD Phenom 550 black edition 2x3,1GHz, unlocked two additional cores so that it is a 4x3,1GHz B50 yet.
VGA: Gigabyte ati radeon 5770 1GB
CPU cooler: ISGC-300, with two fans
Case: THermaltake black edition 4, with one 12mm thermaltake fan.
HDD: Caviar green 1TB, 5400 RPM

Also here is the screen.

As you can see the weird pixels around that picture.
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  1. Those are Artifacts. is your GPU overclocked? If it is then it may not be able to support your overclock settings.

    If it is not overclocked then the GPU may be overheated.
  2. Well the GPU temparature is like 45C idle, when in a game it is barelly going over 65C and no it's not overclocked :s
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