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Any advice how what to do if in Heaven DX11 if want to select different video card for benchmark ? I have I7 2600K, Z68 motherboard and GTX570 graphic card. But when I'm running Heaven DX in rusults it shows that it was done with intel integrated graphic. I know that it is built in one in to CPU. On other games and test everything is fine they run and shows results for GTX570.
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  1. That's strange. Go into your BIOS at bootup and set the PCIe card as the initial display. Sometimes it will be refered to as PEG (Pci Express Graphics). Save and exit.
  2. I have done that still same issue. So Heaven DX11 has no setting to change it manually is it ?
  3. I haven't seen any setting in the menus. There may be a setting in the unigine.xml file, but taking a quit look I didn't see one. Unless you have a video cable plugged into the integrated port, it can't be using the on-board. It has to be using the graphic system the monitor is connected to... the system Windows is using. Are your results poor? The on-board video would be practically a slide-show framerate compared to the GTX 570. If you have decent results, the GTX 570 is being used.

    Can you provide a screenshot of the results window that gives you the false report?
  4. Check your GPU usage. Chances are it is running on the 570, but for whatever reason is selecting the IGP as your GPU to display. I get the same issue where it runs on my CF 5850s but shows I have a GT 240. Which is kind of hilarious. This happens in 3DMark as well.
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