System Freeze (CPU?)

So I have an issue where my system freezes (hard locks) during two main activities. Youtube (online video) and games:


The freeze is a frozen screen that no matter how long I wait or what input i place to the PC nothing will change or unlock the system.

I can demand A freeze by starting to watch you tube - after about 6 seconds of viewing The System will freeze.

A freeze in inevitable whilst playing WoW though I have played for upto 2 hours with no interruption.

This started (Perhaps co-incidently) when I installed a new 7970 - However, with 3 different cards and fresh HDDs the freeze will still occur. PLUS I ran the card no issue on youtube on another system for 60minutes no issue.

My System:

CPU: intel 3930k No OC
Cooler: Antec 620
Mobo: ASUS X79 Basic (Formally RoG X79)
GPU: 7970 Sapphire 3GB (Formally 6970)
RAM: 8GB Ripjaws
SSD: Crucial M4
HDD: Western Digital 1.5tb
HDD: Seagate 2TB
PSU: Seasonic 850W 80+ (Formally OCZ Gold 80+)

I Have:

Reinstalled windows - isolating and swapping boot drives
Swapped 3 different PSUs
tried 3 different GPUS (5850, 6970, 670)
tried new ram (kingston HyperX)
tried single drives (NEW drives)
tried 2 mobos

This has lead me to the only possibility that my CPU is to blame, However, I Have tested the fark out of it Placed on a 100% burn test for 10minutes an didn't miss a step - Did not even go above 50C - So how could it cause crashes?

Thanks for suggestions :hello:
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  1. Sounds like the video driver is not good. Try different version.

    Try remove it with driver sweeper.
  2. If u use 12.6, I had a problem with it, 12.4 is fine.

    BTW, I use Sapphire GPU too. I think its just a coincidence.
  3. I can not believe that people would be so contrived to think that I would not try to remove drivers first.

    For anyone wondering the issue is a fault with the X79 ASUS boards and 14+ power connected cards. IN that powerful cards in these poorly designed boards FRY THEM...

    I Have since bought a gigabyte board and everything is fine.
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