Computer not posting after Thermal Paste Application, Cable Rerouting

Last night, I decided to take my CPU out and apply some Arctic Alumina that I had laying around in my drawer to try to up its overclock. While I had the computer on the desk, I took out all the cables, and redid the cable management (Which I might add, looks quite nice for factory sleeved cables). Now, when I try to turn on my pc, the fans start spinning, I hear the hard drive spinning, but I don't get a POST or any beeps. I checked the speaker to make sure I had it in correctly, in case I was missing something, but still no sign as to what is going on. When I took the HSF off the CPU originally, the OEM heatpaste was like glue to the CPU, ripping it out of its socket without undoing the clasp. Could I have torn something? I've tried reseating the heatsink, graphics card, RAM, and checking all plugs. I tried resetting CMOS by jumping the pins with a screwdriver, but I'm not sure if it actually cleared. No wires are running between the motherboard and the tray, and those behind the tray aren't interfering with anything. I haven't seen any signs before now of a failing motherboard or PSU. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Specs are as follows:
Phenom II x4 840
Gigabyte GA-870a ud3
2x2GB Crucial DDR3 1333
Zotac GTX 460 2Gb
Antec HCG 750W
Rosewill Blackhawk ATX Midtower
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    Reset your cmos by removing your battery for about 5 minutes. If still a no go carefully remove your HSF and CPU and check that no pins are bent.
  2. Figured out the CPU just wasnt set properly, because of a bent locking arm. Fixed the arm, and it works. :)
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