How does and other websites rate cases/chassis?

Yeah so, question is in the thread name! How are cases rated? Scan rates them out of 3 stars, and others also rate them. So what makes a good case apart from airflow? and what other factors come into play when being rated?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. not too sure about scan

    use them a lot and no problems with them

    but have seen them rate some things with less than 3 out of 3 stars that were excellent items

    i like sites like where users review and rate the hardware--their staff will also answer any questions you have

    as well

    i also use and have had no problems with ebuyer,dabs,novatech,,tekheads

    what makes a good case?

    airflow,how loud,cable management,build quality,looks--though that ones subjective to what taste you have
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