Display driver stopped responding and has recovered sucesfuly

i have this problem vith may amd driver display its just freze my computer and ther go these masage:display driver have stoped working nad has sucesfuly recoverd,and these is hapening evrey fue minutes.can you help me?
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  1. I have had this problem as well. With my older rig, when I had my 965BE paired with my current Radeon 6950, I tried everything to get it to work short of installing Windows over again. Then, I looked, and at the time, I had 8GB of RAM, and I figured why not, its the last thing I have to try, and I took out 2 sticks of RAM, and that solved my problem. Not saying it will solve yours, since I have heard many issues with it, so it could be some other issue.

    Best of luck to you sir.
  2. The causes of this problem can be due to many things. Tests to try are, run a memory test, Update the drivers, try another power supply, try another graphics card. I have had this problem where only replacing the motherboard has fixed it.
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