Will a 750 watt PSU power 2 OC'ed 7950's and an OC'ed i5-2500k?

Just as the Thread reads, will a750 watt PSU power 2 OC'ed 7950's @ 1100/1575 and an OC'ed i5-2500k @ 4.2 ghz?
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  1. Power is enough, if its a good psu and has enough pci-e cables.
  2. What's your model 750W PSU?
  3. Should be plenty as long as its a good brand PSU
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    Yeah no doubt it will be powerfull enough im getting another 7950 and im running a 6100 and its power hungry :P antec high current gamer pro750w
  5. Basically like everybody else says, if it is a quality 750watt that delivers its promised power it will work fine.
  6. Yep pretty much hell a decent 6990 will run on a 750w
  7. thanks guys for the help, has taken almost 200 dollars off my next purchase
  8. You have not answered which actual unit you are buying.
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