Computer randomly shuts down, sometimes repeatedly (Windows 7)

I've been frantic over my computer (don't know too much about computers). Anyway, here's my problem:

My computer shuts down randomly, no warning, no different running speeds. It just shuts down.

I've already set my power options to NEVER sleeping, turning off display, etc. Also, turned off my Windows Updater, although it hasn't helped much. Recently, my computer kept shutting down at 7:02 PM (the same time as WU's time shows the updating process), but I've turned off ALL updates, yet it shuts down.

However, just these two days, the computer has been shutting down MORE than ever and at more random times and I'm quite worried.

Around the erratic shut downs was when I downloaded Firefox. Took it off, two shut-downs later, it's kind of stable now.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Have you check CPU temps?, could be a result of thermal shutdown. Also is there another PSU you can try?

    Also, is anything overclocked?, if so have you tried running everything at stock?
  2. same thing is happening with my laptop , i ve been looking online couldnt find any solutions , besides that i installed new windows too its been happening since :(
  3. in my view point may be suspect two things, one clean your cpu heat sink & it fan. and also remove old thermal paste and apply new good thermal paste. second one is your psu (smps) may be your psu weak, or it not give proper power supply. ....... do this may be or should be fix your problem.
  4. 1-Clean all fans
    2-Run Mem-Test
    3-Test power supply
    4-Test Hard Drive
  5. Most likely your power supply is failing . Actually had my school computers die on me while playing bf3 it would constantly restart till finally it never turned back on. Swapped a new one in and no problems. That or you have high temps and it is shutting down or a program temp monitor with it set to shut down at a low temp
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