Is the 600watt Corsair CMPSU-600CX V2 Enough?


I'm planning on building my own gaming pc but i'm not sure on which PSU i should get, i plan on using 1 XFX RADEONHD6870 dual fan, which i plan on overclocking. Also I'm using an Intel i5 2600K with the hyper 212 evo so i do plan on overclocking the CPU also. As of the rest of the specs im using 8gb Kingston HyperX clocked at 1600Mhz and a asrock z68 extreme3 gen3 motherboard, and i plan on using dual cards in the future, when using dual cards i'll consider buying a new PSU so for now i only need to know if this PSU is enough for an overcloced 2600K at 4.5ghz or so, overclocked gpu by a mere 100mhz.

Thx in advance, also is this motherboard enough for dual crossfire? in the future? or should i switch to the gigabyte ud3h-b3?

If you have any other feedback on my build, it's welcome.

Also i live in the europe and this build is going to cost me around 900 euros including this 600w PSU, so i'm really breaking my bank here... ^^
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  1. 600W would run 6870s in cf, That psu isn't great quality though. The CX series of corsair are somewhat lacking in quality.

    That board will do cf.

    What store are you using? I'll find a better psu.
  2. On Xfire - both support x8/x8 so good there. I tend to be partial to gigabyte (Note have a ARock X68 and a Gigabyte UD4P - Both work well). So look at other features such as # of Sata II and Sata III ports, and the # of USB 3 ports.

    The AsRock has two less Sata 3 ports. more woresome, The Asrock does NOT have the 20 Pin USB MB connector for connecting addition USB 3 Ports to the fron panel.

    As To PSU for Planned upgrade to a pair of 6870, Your power consumption will be around 500->550 W. My i5-2500K @ 4.2 w/6870 running furmark is 350 W.

    I'd Prabably recommend the 650 W for a little more breathing room. Prefer the corsair TX followed by the GS. Don't recommend their low-end CS.
  3. ^yeah, though he doesn't have to stick with corsair. Plenty of better deals out there.
  4. I agree with the Chief here. The only Corsair CX PSU I like is the now discontinued 400CX. The rest are ... OK PSU's.

    The least I would put into an XF'd 6870 system is the Corsair TX650V2 and I think that ity doesn't have enough PCIe power connectors.

    If you know you will going XF, you can save a fair amount of money by getting the PSU that you know you will need.
  5. Thanks a lot for your feedback as i really do appreciate it, since this is my first build.

    I will be going for the gigabyte motherboard since the CM Storm Enforcer supports a motherboard usb 3, and i'll be going for crossfire 6870 on a tx650v2 powersupply thanks a lot! (:
  6. ^as jsc said, there aren't enough of 6 pin connectors (only 2). I believe you can use molex adaptors but it isn't recommended.

    What website are you using? there are some ~600W psus that have 4x6pin pcie.
  7. Antec makes a good 650 watt for 50 bucks right now

    My personal recommendation would be Seasonic

    the Corsair is nice aswell though
  8. Yea that is a drawback of the corsair TX650 - only two 6+2 Pcie connector so would have to use a molex -> pcie adaptor. Only the Corsair HX650 (@ $120) has the required 4 6+2 Pci-e connectors.
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