Hardware crash or software problems?

i have a radeon 6850, 4 gb ram, 540w PS Win 7 professional 32bit, and a intel core 2 dou 3.2Ghz.
OK so i built this myself (stayed with the same MB, upgraded parts) and my friends are telling me that my cpu is preventing my gpu to achieve it's full potential. i ignored them, and suddenly my PC starts crashing every time i open BF3. so what i'm asking you is: is it a hardware problems? is it my cpu getting tired? or am i just overwhelming my pc with to many softwares and i should reboot it? please help i'm kinda clueless

my motherboard is kinda old, so the best cpu it could run is core 2 quad so is upgrading to it will make any difference or will it just be a waste of money? please help! thanks.
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  1. The minimum requirements for the game say a core 2 duo at 2.4 ghz so with the cpu that you have you are right at the bottom of the minimum cpu requirement.
    The recomended cpu requirement is a quad core cpu so if you wanted to take a chance and get a quad core cpu then you may be able to solve your problem.
    What settings and resolution are you trying to play at , you can try different settings starting at the low end and turning AA and AF off and then try a lower resolution on the monitor starting at 1024x768 and with the combination of settings and resolution adjustment you may be able to get somewhere. Unless you have already tried that.
  2. i would say it is the processor because dual is pretty low to play BF3. Also the gpu could be part of the same problem because you wouldn't be able to achieve much even at the lowest settings on bf3. I would say that the game is just using to many resources and it is locking up.
  3. i don't think its the gpu because i can run bf3 on ultra without problems, but after an hour or so my computer starts to over heat and i switch the graphics to medium or somthin. also, when i minimize it and go back to it my computer starts locking up every sec. so pretty much the only thing i need to is if it is my cpu that causes it, or i'm just overwhelming my pc.
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    An upgrade to the core 2 quad will help. The AMD 6850 is a decent card and when paired with the core 2 quad it will make a big difference in your computers performance.
  5. ok so will a core 2 quad q6600 do the trick?
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  7. Avinoam73 said:
    ok so will a core 2 quad q6600 do the trick?

    I would look at the cpus that are supported by your motherboard and get the best one you can or aford. The core 2 quad would be a lot better than the core 2 duo and would help you to run the game better.
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