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Hey, I am not too sure if this is the thread i should be posting on, But..
I dont have alot of cash to spend on a desktop, i cannot build one even though i would love too.
my budget is around 70-80ish USD.
I need this to be able to play decent games, the desktop does not need a video card as i have a brand new Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS 640 Megabytes.
I was looking at a HP DX2200MT Tower, or a Dell Optiplex gx280 mini tower, or a gx620 mini tower.
all three of those computers have a PCI-X16, which is what my video card needs.
I keep on hearing that these computers are not good for gaming, but for my budget why not? i am running a dell optiplex gx520 desktop tower, ( Half height tower ) with P4 HT 2.8 GHZ,1gb DDR2 667 MHZ,220 watt PSU, intergraded intel graphics 82945G chipset. and I can run world of warcraft on lowest settings very very nice, only cant go into two places in the entire game or my hard drive crashes. I would like to play the new star wars MMO. and they dont like intel GPUs.
thanks for any help posted in this thread, i am welcome to any and all answers and questions.

one other thing, i cannot upgrade this computer i am running due to i would need a low profile half height video card that runs PCI bus. and those cards are expensive, 70+ then i would need a new PSU and thats 30+ right there. so that is out of the question .

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  1. I'll bet your 8800gts wont fit in those mini tower systems, and the power supply that comes with them wont run the card either
  2. With that low of a budget, it's not likely you will be able to do much. However, i looked some of the models up and you're already over the budget you listed for USED parts.
    the first link, i could get a small sized hard drive for very little on ebay. and the video card, the 8800 gts i own, no need to buy it, but they are on ebay used for around 30-40 with shipping.
    and the dell optiplex gx280 mini tower series , somtime's you can find them cheap on ebay, but they go quickly. auction or buy it now, past very i've seen under 50 USD, sold within a few days of being listed.
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