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Hey, I recently got £150 ($237.78USD) for my birthday and was thinking of getting an upgrade for my computer. I'm happy with my graphics setup (see below) and I'm thinking of upgrading my CPU and mobo. Question is, which first? My current mobo is AM3, not sure those take bulldozer, as it doesn't say so in the mobo page, although I don't think it's been updated for years. Should I get a 990FX mobo, or bulldozer CPU first? And yes, i can use the full power of bulldozer as I regularly host servers that max out my CPU usage. Can anyone point in the direction I should go? Sorry if this post seems a bit confused. It's very cold in Scotland!

Mobo: M4A78XTD EVO
CPU: AMD Phenom ii X4 965 (Didn't get very lucky with OC capabilities)
GFX: 2 x Radeon 5770
Big aftermarket CPU cooler
128GB SSD + 720GB raid setup

Feel free to ask for any other info. Thank you!
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  1. Does anyone have any idea what I should purchase first?
  2. if you host servers, you might want to check if your motherboard is compatible wit fx cpus with a bios update and get a fx-8120 and mayb some more ram.
  3. I have 12GB DDR3, so i think I'm good on the RAM front.

    i assume that as doesn't have the bulldozer line on it, that means it's not supported and I'd have to get a new motherboard first?
  4. for $240, after you spend 90-100 on a motherboard, you have 140 left for a cpu. that lets you get a fx-6100. thats hardly an upgrade and it doesnt justify the cost.

    If your cpu usage is constantly maxed, you might want to sell your 965 and try to look for a phenom ii x6 1100t. theres some selling on ebay but the prices are kinda high now thats its discontinued :(
  5. My friend said I should wait for Ivy Bridge to come out and get a cheap Intel processor + mobo. Is that an option, Or should I stick with AMD? I don't mind getting a good mobo and waiting to get a better processor later, if I stick with my current PII X4.
  6. The main improvement on ivy bridge is its IGP. however you already have discrete graphics card so that wont help you out. People are prediciting a 5-15% performance improvement but there are also rumors of ivy bridge running hot and not being able to overclock as well as the sandy bridge.

    If you can save some more money getting the i5-3570k would be great. There are currently selling for around 230 euros or 300 us dollars at the moment. Since you host servers, i dont know if you want to get the cheaper i3 since its on a dual core. But im not sure how much hyper threading helps over more cores.
  7. Say I wanted to get FX-8150 later on. What would be the best motherboard to get? I'm thinking 990FX.
    The fact that i'd have to simultaneously buy processor and mobo to go Intel is putting me off it.
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