IPv4 connected to internet but IPv6 no Internet access HELP!

well a couple days of go it was working fine until i updated windows 7 now it says im connected to the internet but when i go on it dosnt load anything, and when i go check it says that "IPv6 connectivity: No Internet access" how ever the IPv4 is connected to the internet, should i restore settings to osmetimes earlier this week? and ive tried the registery solutions but they dont work either
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  1. You don't need IPv6 to connect to the Internet.
    If you open a browser do you see an error message saying 'Page Not Found'
  2. through wireless everything is fine and loads perfectly with the ethernet cable all that is happening is the bar loading up nearly half way and stoping thier and for e.g just stays on "waiting for http://www.youtube.com/" and im really confused right because it happened when i updated windows 7
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