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Hi all! I know this is an older card but I like running Eyefinity on 6 monitors. What would I gain by adding a 2nd Radeon 5870 Eyefinity 6 card on my system? My mobo is a Gigabyte ga-790xta-ud4. I am wondering what I would gain in resolution of roughly frames per second. Thanks.
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  1. Literally Double FPS Well probably 90% more FPS
  2. Are there other benefits I could expect?
  3. brythespy said:
    Literally Double FPS Well probably 90% more FPS

    wrong!the 5000 series and previous cards did not scale very well,depending on application/game,maybe 60-70%,since the 6000 series,scaling has improved almost to 100% depending on game/application,but most anywhere between 90-100%

    if you are running eyfinity is definetly better,even a 60-70% increase is nice for eyfinity.My 5870 crossfire setup(previous cards)running at 5860x1200 ran very well.definetly better than just 1 card.
    you will just need to experiment with the settings to achieve what is best for you.
    Higher FPS at same settings or same FPS and more Eye candy,GL
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