Skyrim flashing white and black dots! Please help!!!!!!!!

Okay so here are my specs :

i7 920@ 3.2ghz
ATI HD 5870 1gb
12.1 preview drivers.

Hey, so I have Skyrim, and am having some serious issues. black/white dots keep popping up and flashing back and forth on random textures, mostly water and distant terrain. Dunno why its doing it, but its really killing the experience and I havent even been able to enjoy Skyrim :(. Any idea what could be causing this? And any solutions? Any help is appreciated. It also happens really bad on the map. My GPU is not overheating at all, and it doesnt do it in any other games or videos. Thanks!
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  1. sorry to be bumping, but any1? any ideas at least?
  2. What's the brand of your power supply unit and how many watts is it?
  3. im not sure, and i think its 850w... funny you'd metion that, i thought that might be the prob too, cuz sometimes my pc doesnt boot up all the way, like it will boot up but nothing will show on the screen. and it randomly gets dimmer. you think thats the problem? also, the dots have been getting worse, so i know its not related to the game.
  4. slimzuvy said:
    sorry to be bumping, but any1? any ideas at least?

    If you bump this thread again it will be closed.

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  5. sorry, my bad. first time posting here, didnt know.
  6. That's why there is a sticky entitled 'Read This First'.
  7. Sorry for the very late reply, 850W seems powerful enough to power all your hardware components, it could be that the make of your PSU isn't all that good.

    If you have a cheap PSU with separate 12V rails, they're not always that good for mid to high computers.

    I would recommend, if you have enough money, buying another PSU, at least a 700W with separate or dual 12V rails supplying 40-60A.

    Brands I would recommend are OCZ, Corsair and XFX.
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