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Change CPU and MB on same Win 7 install?

Is there any possible way to change out your motherboard from an x58 to a z77 and get a new cpu without doing a new install on Windows 7?

Just curious.

Also what do you guys think about Windows 8?
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    yep i did this on my pc

    went from socket 775 with core 2 duo e7600

    to a socket 1155 intel i5 2400

    you need to makesure to uninstall all motherboard drivers then use a program like easybcd to reset core count and install new drivers

    would recomend a clean install but this is quite easy to do. havent done a clean install on my pc in over 2-3 years and its only very ocationally ive had any problems e.g. bsod etc
  2. No you will keep windows as long as your hdd has it installed on it doesn't matter if you replace everything at once. the only thing is you will need drivers for your motherboard.
    Like shanky said make sure you uninstall all your old drivers for other mobo or it may get buggy.
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