Fans running but no display

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 AM3+
CPU: AMD FX 4100 3.6
PSU: Cooler Master 500W
RAM: Kingston HyperX Blu 2x 2GB... 4GB Total

Problem: CPU fan boots, graphics card fans boot but no display, no beeps

I've tried everything I can possible think of... I have the motherboard on top of the box it came in w/ both power supply connectors plug in (24 pin & 8 pin). I removed the CPU and fan... removed & re-applied thermal paste and put it back in. Tried 2 different graphics cards, 2 different monitors. Booted w/ no ram, 1 stick and both sticks. Checked all of my connections....

Like I said the fans run and continue to run but nothing on the display...
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  1. Do you have another AMD processor laying around or can you borrow one?
  2. No man I sure don't.
  3. Er. That mobo doesn't have a 'buzzer' you need to attach one, look at the manual, it will have amongst the on/off/reset button header a speaker '+' and '-' you need to attach a buzzer to that. (Source: I have the same motherboard.)

    If you don't have a buzzer, go down to your local 'leccy store and buy one. Or take the box back where you bought it and request some help, most will help you for free, especially if you bought most of the components from there to avoid any bad press and keep a happy customer.
  4. Yea I bought all of my componets off of amazon so I don't really have anyone to take it back to.... I went out earlier today looking for a mobo speaker but my local stores didnt have any in stock, I would have to order one. Thats why I'm reaching out here....
  5. The thing is, its pretty common with AM3+ motherboards to really only be AM3 out of the store and they need a BIOS update to become AM3+.

    If it hasn't had a BIOS update yet, your motherboard might be the same way.

    If it is, there is no way that it will be able to read an FX processor until it has that BIOS update.

    If you don't have access to another AMD processor that is recognized (a sempron, Athlon, or Phenom all work natively with AM3) then you can't do the BIOS update.

    This COULD be the problem you are facing right now.

    If that was the problem, the computer would work right away if you put in a processor of one of those other kinds I mentioned. That would be the only real test that you can do to confirm or deny that this is the problem.

    When it IS the problem, the computers often show the exact same symptoms that you have.

    If you don't have access to a processor of those sorts, you might want to start making some friends pretty quickly or think about buying the cheapest suckiest Sempron processor you can get your hands on.
  6. If the fans and lights come on, it only means that at least 1 rail of the PSU is working, you have the power button connected properly, and the fans and lights do work, and that is about you can say about it.

    Beyond make sure that you have the CPU power cord plugged in to the board, its commonly a thing people forget to plug in.

    For that board to boot that with your processor, the board would have to be running BIOS revision F6, released August 2011. It is sounding like maybe the board does not have a new enough BIOS revision to use the fairly new type of processor you have, thus the suggestion above to try another processor. Do you know what BIOS revision the board is at? That particular board has been around for a while, so it may only be running something like an F4 BIOS revision.
  7. The BIOS update is what I was thinking as well but I read some customer reviews off of amazon of people recently installing AMD FX 6 & 4 series with no problems.

    But with that said IDK what else it could be. Looks like my only option is to pickup a cheap processor to see if it will boot?
  8. Well, its kind of luck of the draw. I am sure some boards do have later BIOS revisions, and some probably don't if they are coming from Amazon. Hopefully that is all it is! But regardless, you have to spend more money to find out for sure, that sucks. No one you know has an older AMD processor just lying around, heck I have 2 of them in my closet.
  9. It should have a sticker saying AM3 ready on it if it's been flashed, mine does. If it does not have that sticker then you are screwed and need to find a mate who has a phenom/Athlon CPU for you to upgrade BIOS. Or do it via feel?
  10. Well I went through all my "retired" computers and found an AMD Turion chip... Will that work? I pulled it out of an old Dell Laptop
  11. Checked MOBO cpu support list... and AMD Turion wasnt on there... back to the drawing board. @ Teh_Gerbil... There is a AM3+ ready sticker
  12. Then it has already been flashed to support FX series.

    So, it's either mobo or CPU, probably CPU gut speak. At this stage, without a buzzer you can't really proceed. Your only option is to find a friend with an AM3 CPU, or an AM3 setup and willing to let you swap out his CPU for your FX and see if it boots.

    Any other forum members who can help?

    And Laptop CPU's and Desktop CPU's aren't interchangeable FYI :)
  13. And Laptop CPU's and Desktop CPU's aren't interchangeable FYI

    LOL... My first build, Noob in some areas. So I guess I need to get a buzzer? I dont know anybody with an old CPU...
  14. Yeah, a buzzer will let you know in a heartbeat or two what is wrong with an error code (or no error code!)

    Sorry man, this sucks, I only recently completed a new build myself that involved a few trips to and fro from the computer store. Was heartbreaking to see my components all strewn out and not working in harmony to frag!
  15. You could post on Craigslist that you will give somebody $20 if they bring over their sempron, athlon, or phenom processor to your house to let you test something with it.

    I think a low end AM3 processor probably costs about half that and it would save you both the expense and having to dispose of it afterwards (unless for some reason you intend to buy more FX chips in the future).
  16. Well guys thanks for your help... I will try and go from here. Def has drained the "enjoyment" out of my first build.. considering time, money, research etc..
  17. I am sorry it had to be so painful.

    It would have been nice if the motehrboard makers would have recalled the old boards so they could update the BIOSs in them and give them back to the stores.

    That didn't happen, though, and many people suffer for it.
  18. Have you had a chance to get a buzzer?

    On a side note - have you made sure your CPU pins aren't bent/missing at all?
  19. Ok guys... My buzzer finally shipped (slowwwww). In the meantime I picked up another MOBO thinking that had to be it.

    Anyway, I plug my buzzer in and..... nothing, no beeps? Could this possibly be a bad power supply? I mean the psu fan and cpu fan are running, the light on the MOBO comes on but no display or beeps? I took the memory out and booted and nothing?
  20. And the other mobo?

    So, with everything plugged in, fans run, no beeps but no GUI?

    Dayum. PSU I guess. What a sh*t.
  21. Yea same thong on both MOBO.... So i guess ill order a new psu lol.
  22. Oh Duuuuuuuuuude. That sucks. Sucks harder than a prostitute sucking a golf ball down a hose pipe.

    Do you have any mates you can borrow a PSU from?
  23. Did you update the BIOS on these motherboards?

    If you didn't, that is probably still the problem.

    Instead of buying new motherboards, new PSUs, and new everything else, you should be buying a really cheap phenom, athlon, or sempron AMD processor.
  24. Raiddinn... Would this keep me from getting any error beeps?
  25. Yes.

    That is why I asked you in the first response if you have another AMD processor laying around.

    I would strongly advise you to get your hands on one and put it in the motherboard and see what happens.
  26. Just place an order for a sempron processor for about $20... Back to the waiting game!
  27. Raiddinn said:

    That is why I asked you in the first response if you have another AMD processor laying around.

    I would strongly advise you to get your hands on one and put it in the motherboard and see what happens.

    Sempron just came in... but it does it seem its compatible with the socket on this motherboard? Am I missing something here?
  28. I think I have to apologize because I failed you.

    What I meant to say is an AM3 compatible Sempron processor. Most should be that, but there are some designs that aren't and it sounds like you may have ended up with one of that type. Double check on the box if it says it works for AM3 slots.

    I don't have much money, but if you can't return it for an AM3 compatible one instead, I will suck up the difference between the price you paid for it and the price you can sell it for.

    In any event, you would still need to get one that is AM3 compatible to continue on from here. Or any Phenom 2 or Athlon 2 whichever is cheapest because those should all be AM3 compatible. Still it wouldn't hurt to double check this next time. As long as AM3 is on the box, it should work.
  29. Refunded in my amd processor & mobo for intel i5 ivy bridge. Must have been a bad cpu problem bc it posted first time and hasnt looked back since. Thanks for everyones time and help. All is well for me...
  30. Sorry you ended up being one of the unlucky ones with FX related issues. Glad you are done with them now, though.

    Before you buy another processor in the future you might want to stop by here before you do so we can steer you away from stuff with long histories of problems before you have the hardware in hand.
  31. Oh I def will... Again thanks for your time. Glad to have my first build up & running!
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