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Hello guys I need some help im going to buy a new graphics card that I will replace my old gts 250 I got about $240 of savings lol thats all the money I have :/ but my Proccesor is a Intel i3 2100 and I have 4gb ram but I need a new Graphics card anyone help me with a 240 dollar budget?
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  1. definitely, judging by your i3 you won't need to spend all $240 on too much power. amd radeon hd 6850 is one of the best value graphics cards out there, at $125-$150 for excellent performance better than all but the high end nvidia cards that cost $200-$500.

    if you do want to spend every cent then get the nvidia gtx 560 ti, which is just a bit better than the former but around a hundred dollars more expensive.
  2. What kind of power supply do you have? Higher end cards are going to need a bit more juice than the gts 250.

    Here is Tom's chart. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107-7.html

    You need to go up three levels on the chart to see a difference which would put you in the AMD 6870 range. The next level up from that would be even better and about at the edge of your budget.

    Basically, you need a good quality 550w 80 plus bronze power supply for these level cards. Good brands are Antec, Corsair(not Builder Series), Seasonic, Silverstone, and XFX. The OCZ ModXtreme Pro 600 watt would also work.

    Your i3 processor is fine and will be a good match. If you have 64 bit Windows, bumping up to 8gb ram would also be nice, but overall the graphics card would be the priority.
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