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Building a rig with an i5-3570k (Redesigned my build, if anyone saw what I posted before about an i3-2100) for heavy everyday use and streaming, but no hardcore gaming (whatsoever...). My question is would I need any type of cooling device other than the stock cooler? I would assume movie streaming would put a strain on it at times (Long story short, the PC is for my girlfriend and she streams to her TV) considering 1080p+, however, I also think that this CPU is very capable and wouldn't need any help. Although, it'd probably be a nice safeguard later on, but as for now, should it need it?
For those interested (or if it helps) the rig so far is (I say so far cause I'm thinking of changing the case)
ATI HD Radeon 6670
Corsair Vengence 4GB DDR3
XFX Core Edition Power Supply 450W
Antec VSK-1000
-Have a list of the parts somewhere, and it includes an SSD but I can't seem to find it... Either way 120GB (Intel?) SSD
Thanks in advance for any help! :D
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    No, not really.

    Thee stock cooler is designed to keep the processor cool under 100% load.
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  3. While it does keep it cool it doesn't do a very good job at it and I'd advise changing it as soon as you can. Something like the arctic 13 would be fine and only £20.
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