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I'm building a new computer and finally getting rid of my pre-built dell, and was wondering if I could use the Win7x64 re-installation disk that came with it. Its just the OS. One thing that I noticed was an $oem$ folder on the disk with (along with wallpaper and dell logos), what looked like auto-activation files.

If this is indeed linked to the BIOS, would I be able to format and install the OS on my current system, then just swap the hard drive into the new system?
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  1. Unfortunately as you have said this is a re-installation disk and as such is linked into the individual PC, this tends to be linked into the mac adress of the machine.

    However you may be able to find way to prevent windows from verifying its validity however as far as I am aware we are not able to discuss such things over the forums.
  2. The OEM version of Windows is not attached to the MAC address of your machine, it is tied from first activation to your computer's motherboard. The only way I know of that you'd be able to use the same copy is by calling Microsoft Support and explaining that your motherboard has failed and you need to reactivate your copy of Windows and have it tied to your new mobo. I've never done this but I've seen a few threads where people have said they've done that with relative ease. Your other option, of course, is to just buy another copy of Windows.
  3. I'll probably try this.. didn't think of it.
    However, if it is indeed linked to the motherboard, why wouldn't installing the OS on the dell work, then just transferring the hard drive (which I plan to do anyway), into my new system?

    I'll try calling Microsoft later today... hopefully it'll work :D

    @Signor, yeah but i'd prefer to have a legitimate copy vs cracked.
  4. Analog said:
    @Signor, yeah but i'd prefer to have a legitimate copy vs cracked.

    The joys of working for the NHS, "legitimate "and free :-)

    Also apologies for the mis-information, I knew it linked to the mobo and just presumed it would link in with mac adress also.

    Just as a heads up, i wouldn't get my hopes up too much with the call to Microsoft.

    From experience of a previous job we used to advise customers that they can call Microsoft and get it switched over after about a year or so they started cracking down on it and refused to do this for customers explaining that the providing stores should replace the software.

    Either way they may have switched back, it was never a certain thing.
  5. If you install on the Dell and then transfer the hard drive, Windows will detect the change in hardware and will unfortunately not boot.
    @Signor - Microsoft might not let you switch over, but it's worth a try, eh? ;)
    Best of luck, Analog :)
  6. From personal experience: I have done this with WinXP a few times. I just followed the activation wizard online and it went through (sometimes at a second/third try). That might work for you, got nothing to lose. It saved me couple hundred bucks by "re-cycling" the Windows installation (that I already paid for) versus having to buy another one. It was a OEM installation, I don't know if would work with retail.
    Don't use pirated software, it's not worth it.
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