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HDMI vs DVI Monitor Connection

The DVI is still superior in terms of gaming graphics on a monitor right?
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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but I think they are relatively similar. I think the main differences occur with digital audio and content protection schemes.
  2. Ya I think spas you have it right. I was reading from where it mentions the schemes. It also reflects that of course DVI is older than HDMI, but I was under the impression that DVI provided better graphics. But that was just words from a buddy. Well I guess I'll just test it out and see...making sure my new monitor has both DVI and HDMI connections.

    Thanks for the Reply! :)
  3. HDMI is higher quality.

    The first difference is that HDMI technology incorporates content security that is called High Definition Content Protection, also known as HDCP. The other huge difference between Digital Video Interface and High Definition Multimedia Interface is that DVI can only support digital video, and HDMI can support audio and video on the same cable.

    This leads to another big difference between HDMI and DVI. The number of cables that need to be used and run during installation. With Digital Video Interface at least two cables are needed. One cable is needed to support the video signal, and one cable or cord is needed to support the audio signal, because DVI can only support video, not audio. With HDMI only one cable is needed for the installation. This is because the HDMI can support all formats of digital video plus it can support multiple channels of audio signal as well.
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    DVI also has HDCP so that difference is not a difference at all. Older DVI products DID lack it, but all new(even back in 2007 and earlier) stuff has it.

    HDMI was released and based entirely on the DVI single link connection(good enough for 1080p video). They simply made a smaller connector and added digital audio into the mix.

    Future versions of HDMI have added extras like network as well. HDMI should still be backward compatible with DVI(but without audio)

    For picture quality, they will look exactly the same on you monitor or TV. And with Display Port getting popularity(no fees), HDMI may be replaced soon anyway.
  5. Then why do people get one with HDMI?
  6. Cool thanks for feedback fellas, that's exactly what I needed to know.
    ...Now I just have to go see what the heck "display port" is and how it will effect me.
  7. Display Port is King. DVI offers more resolution than HDMI but HDMI can also transfer sound. One Display Port can run 3 monitors.
  8. Found this for a quick and good read on Display Port...
  9. Once you get your monitor tuned right for HDMI, it is noticeably better, and my eyes suck =D
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  11. azeem40 said:
    Then why do people get one with HDMI?

    Sound+video with one cable, just as you said and a connection that is easier to connect(more easy to blind connect HDMI).

    I have HDMI @ my computer but DVI on the other end of the cable for me screen(smaller plug fits better in this case.).

    That said, I have yet to see any difference from one to the other(my screen seems to use a brighter profile(blue/green) with HDMI, but that is on the screen end, most likely to make movies more vivid).
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