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Pretty new at this, and researching my first gaming build. Read somewhere that the i5-3570 shouldn't be put with a Z77 mobo.
1. Is this true and what is the reasoning?

2. I read that if I am not planning on OC'ing my cpu, then I don't need a Z77 and can go with a slightly cheaper mobo (think it was an H77). IS this good advice, or should I go with the Z77 anyway?

Thank you all so much. This community is amazing!
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    The way they make the motherboards so that you can select exactly what you want in a board is this , they make the Z77 and Z68 for those who wqant to overclock and want good graphics also so that if your a gamer then you want the Z boards. The other boards can be broke down to those who just want to overclock and those who just want graphics support.
    By getting the 3570 and not the 3570k the you won't be overclocking so while you can get the z77 board you can save some money by getting the h77 board.
    If you are going to be building a gaming computer then you should get the 3570K and the Z77 motherboard and with the price difference being only $15 for the cpu it would be to your advantage to have the capability to overclock at some point even though you may not want to now.
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