Phenom II x4 940 95 W ?

So..i bought today a phenom II x4 940 for around 80$.I ran a few games just to see how it works out...on BF3 it runs pretty good on multiplayer on high settings @1080p..around 40-70 fps (i also have an hd 5770 vapor-x)
Witcher 2 on medium at around 30-50 fps(don't know why so bad)
Deus Ex HR at around 40 fps maxed out(kinda bad as well)
Alan Wake (25-30 fps max settings)
I though it was a bit i downloaded cpu-z and did some stress tests..and sometimes..even in idle the cpu core speed drops to 2.5 ghz or 2's doesn't always drop to the same speed (1600mhz lowest i've seen so far)
My power supply only has a 4-pin power adapter for the cpu that only delivers 95W TPD.The max tpd that the 940 has is 125W.Could this be the problem why these games are running this slow?(Besides BF3 ..i really don;t know why that game works so good keeping in mind these weird cpu speed drops)
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  1. Thats cool n quiet doing that. The clock speed lowers when it's not doing anything to save juice. You'll find that when you play BF3 the clock speed will go up to 3.0ghz. Did your system run everything ok before you bought the CPU? It's probably the 5770 holding you back, it's not really designed to run everything at max at 1080p. 1680x1050 maybe. If you want to run everything better get a better GPU
  2. Cool n quiet is disabled...everything ran okay before a bought this cpu...the 5770 may be holding me back but at least alan wake and deus ex should've ran better.
    The thing is now i'm running a release preview of windows 8.Could this be the problem?Also i set the voltage of the cpu at 1.350 (it was on auto)And in cpu-z it's still changing from 1.344 to 1.368.
    I will install windows 7 today and see what's happening after that..if i have the same problems..i might bet that the cpu is not drawing enought power..
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