GeForce GTX 570 - Which to buy? GIGA / ASUS / EVGA

I love this forum there are so many helpful people. Anyway I've been mind set on getting a GeForce GTX 570, it's a bit pricey but from looking at benchmarks and videos can pack a lot of punch and play games on max settings no problem, which is exactly what I'm looking for.

Looking at that thread I have came to the conclusion that these are the best GTX 570 cards to get:

So which one would be better out of these two, as they are the exact same price.

From looking at and comparing "Details" I have found that:

-The GIGABYTE model has a 780MHz (Std 732) Core clock where as the ASUS only has 742MHz

-The GIGABYTE has a Shader Clock 1560MHz [Whatever that is] while the ASUS doesn't


1 x mini HDMI

2 x DVI


1 x HDMI

1 x DisplayPort

2 x DVI

The ASUS appears to have more ports and a regular HDMI port and not a mini one... what is the difference and would I need a 1 x DisplayPort that the GIGABYTE card doesn't have?


Power Connector
6 pin / 8 pin

and the ASUS doesn't

In terms of features, the ASUS card appears to have more.

Features [GIGABYTE]

Ultra Durable VGA Series
- Ultra Durable VGA High

Quality Components
- Anti-turbulence Inclined Triple Fans

Features [ASUS]

742 MHz Factory Overclocked

20% Cooler with exclusive DirectCU II thermal solution

Speed up heat dissipation with 600% more airflow via exclusive DirectCU with dual fan design

Pump up graphics performance with Super Alloy Power that delivers 15% Performance boost, 2.5 longer lifespan, 35°C cooler operation

Crank up 50% faster clock speed with exclusive Voltage Tweak

Display port Supported for advance IO connection

3D Vision Surround for immersive 3D gaming

So which is a better card or which one should I get? The guy in the thread recommended the ASUS card if he could "handle the triple slot" [what does that mean?] so should I go for the ASUS card then?

I mean $350 is a lot of money for me, so I really need to pick a perfect one. I was also considering this EVGA card

it looks good plus it has lifetime. On top of that, I think I can do this "step-up" program, which basically means within 90 days I can upgrade to something better with only having to pay the difference. And I would probably go for the new 600 series.

Last but not least this card, which appears to be the fastest GTX 570 card I can find, however get's mixed reviews and apparenlty is a "gamble" (I hate gambling) (plus it doesn't even a list a warranty for this specific card)
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  1. what are you running now? if you can wait, wait for next nvidia chip set, the cards are gona smash current cards out , even new amd, but will have to wait till April. like one of the cards 650ti (not sure) is suppose to perform as well as a gtx580, and costs like $230 so when you like it like that...
  2. This is for my new build. Which will be running:

    CPU: i5 2500K 3000 HD
    MOBO: Z68 1155 (undecided what specific one to get)
    RAM: 4GB - 8GB
    HDD: 500GB - 1TB
    PSU: 700/800ish watt (plan on sli'ing in future)

    Yes I can wait two months. What I'm doing is gradually buying parts. Tommorow I am getting my tower, then a next part, and I probably wont be fully built for a few months so I can wait.

    But, is that reliable? I mean $230 is less then half the price of a GTX 580 sounds too good to be true. But if it true, damn rights I'll wait, that's awesome.
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