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I know this has probably been asked countless times but it worries me a lot. I recently bought a i5 2500k cpu and installed it. With it I installed a thermalright silver arrow cooler. This was my first experience installing a cpu and cooler. At idle the cpu temps range from 30C to 37C. At load though they get as high as 78C at one time. Im not sure if I should be worried about frying the cpu and also I have a feeling I should be getting better temps. Do you think I applied the thermal paste poorly.. or what other possible reasons are there?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. Your idle temps are fine, but your loaded temps are high. Are you sure you used just a little dab of thermal grease in the center of the cpu? Are you sure the cooler is tightened down securely?
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    The idle temps are ok, but the load temps look a bit on the high side.

    The first thing that comes to mind is the CPU/heatsink installation. The screws must be tightened in a cross pattern after an even amount of thermal compound is applied per instructions.

    The second thing to consider is air flow inside the case. More is better.

    Application instructions here: http://www.arcticsilver.com/instructions.htm
  3. thats a really good cooler so load temperatures seem way to high

    when you say load do you mean prime95 or just normal load?

    are you overclocking?

    and whats your room temp?

    too much thermal paste could be problem just as much as none or too little--how much did you use?
  4. Hey, thanks for the fast responses. I'm sorry, I should have been more clear. By load I meant playing starcraft 2 for about 2 hours. I am not overclocking, room temp is about 25C. I don't think I used too much thermal paste because I read how too much is bad for cooling.

    Some details I should have also added.
    -It took a while to cool down after playing so I guess there is a problem.
    -Before applying thermal paste I noticed some finger prints on the cpu so I tried removing them with a piece of cotton fabric that I sprayed a bit of alcohol on, I might have not gotten all of them though.
    -I actually have the silver arrow sb-e if that makes a difference. I followed the instructions when installing it and it seems to be pretty tight but I had my worries when installing it cause there's only 1 metal plate holding down the thing.
  5. What was the steady high temp while playing this game? (not peak).

    The mounting screws must be tightened in a cross pattern, a little at a time until all 4 fasteners are evenly tight. At the very least, re-do the tightening.
  6. The steady temp was about 75c. Il redo the installation today I guess.
  7. http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/4676/thermalright_silver_arrow_sb_e_cpu_cooler_review/index6.html

    This is exact cooler I have and how it looks when installed. There is only 1 metal plate holding it in place just like it said in the installation manual. Should I just tighten the screws more or what did you mean. (sorry for double post, it wouldnt let me edit the previous message)
  8. I reinstalled the heat sink just now. Reapplied thermalpaste. Put a little bead of it in the center of the cpu and let the heat sink spread it. Tightened the screws so that they wouldn't go any further. And again after running sc2 for less then an hour it's at 75C. What am doing wrong.?
  9. try some other cpu temperature reading software to be sure and also check the fan speeds.

    try speedfan
  10. You should also make sure that the fans are set facing the right way (depends on your configuration of course). By this I mean if your fan is blowing air towards the front of the case and there is a fan in the back of the case pushing air out, it could affect your temps as there is not proper airflow.

    Good luck
  11. Again, thanks for the fast replies.

    I am actually using speedfan all this time.
    These temps are weird because I did my research beforehand. I have a haf932 case, front and bottom fans blowing in, top and back blowing out for good airflow. The fan in the silverarrow is blowing towards the back too. I couldn't fit the other fan on there because of the RAM but I don't think that one fan could make such a drastic difference. Another thing I noticed is that even when idling the temperature slowly climbs to around 45-50C, and after gaming it takes long to cool down and never goes below 50 after. Could this be a defected chip or something? I think I did everything correctly but nothing is helping.

    I included speedfan screen I took, these temps are about 30 minutes after gaming. My gpu is a gtx480 and from what I've read it runs very hot so I'm not too worried about it. I think it also doesn't detect the other fans because I plugged them directly into the psu because there are no more pins on the mobo.

  12. Have you tried checking the temps with HWmonitor? It's always good to double check with other software as Speedfan sometimes is incorrect on readings.

    And actually not having that fan pulling could be the cause. I am thinking this because since you said it interfering with he ram than that means that the fan is on the left side of the heatsink right? And that would be fine if it was pulling air from the back of the case but since it's not, than it has to pull air through the whole heatsink, which can affect the temps A LOT. I would suggest changing the fans to pull from the back of the case and push out the front. It's not the best way to have the airflow, since heat rises, but it's worth a shot to see if the temps change.

    If you don't want to do that, I don't know if you can do this on this cooler, but you could rotate cooler so it faces the bottom/top of the case and install both fans. You never know.
  13. Here is a comparison of the readings at the same time of HWmonitor and speedfan.

    I'm not sure what CPUTIN is to be honest though.

    Very wierd the HWmointor shows that the cpu and cputin when gaming reaches a max of about 45-50 while speedfan shows about 70-75. Where is speedfan getting these temps then, any ideas?
  14. I am guessing it might a sensor around the cpu? I really have no clue what that is. But those temps from HWMonitor seem normal. Like I said, Speedfan can be quite a mess sometimes haha
  15. Oh actually I just noticed this. Were you looking at the sensor that said CPU on Speedfan? You should be looking for the Core# sensors. Those will tell you the true temp of each core, and will be the most accurate to find the overall temp of the cpu.
  16. Well speedfan only shows 2 cores but yeh you're right. Any idea what the speedfan CPU temp actually means?
  17. I am not sure. I think that it is probably misreading a sensor and giving you that temperature. Speedfan is ancient and it is not recommended for temp checking anyways so, ditch it and go with HWMonitor! Oh and by the way, I downloaded it and was looking at the temps on speedfan as I also have the 2500k and It was giving me wrong temps too. So
  18. Thanks a bunch everyone, appreciate the help.
  19. No problem man!

    Remember to choose a best answer too!
  20. I'm sorry I accidentally created this thread as a discussion and now it won't let me edit the OP for whatever reason. :(
  21. i have found speccy http://www.piriform.com/speccy to be very accurate on monitoring device temps and such in all parts of the cpu.. not to mention it is free.
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