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Good day, planning on upgrading my PC for a decent gaming rig. (Budget deal) What I have is AMD Athlon X2 5000+ cpu, gpu geforce 9400 gt 1gb, emaxx anf82hd, hdmi, vga, glan, pci-e mobo, samsung syncmaster 18.5" 1368x768 native res, Windows 7 64 bit ultimate, 2GB of ram ddr2.

Actually i just want to upgrade my mobo, cpu, gpu and ram so I can play this titles in native res (1368x768) GTAIV, Assassins creed Brotherhood, AC: Revelations, Modern Warfare 3, Black ops, NBA 2k12, pretty much modern game titles.

Can you guys share me some advices on what is the best bet for me for a budget wise gaming rig?

I have my list that, kindly let me know if this parts will let me play those games on my native res.

CPU: Core i3 2100 3.1G
Mobo: Asrock h61m-hvs ddr3
GPU: either sapphire hd5670 1gb ddr5 or inno3d gts 450 1gb ddr5
Ram: Geil 4GB ddr3 X2 = 8GB RAM

Lemme know guys if there is a much better parts than the one's that i said. And if those parts are good enough, do i need a cooling fan of some sort? Or also upgrade my PSU? Thanks in advance for replies. :)
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  1. what is your budget for this upgrade?
  2. I would get the 2120 instead of the 2100.
    The Asrock motherboard is ok.
    The ram I would change to CT2KIT51264BA1339 instead.

    The video card is going to be the make or break thing, though, and even if you are on a really low budget I would highly suggest trying to find a little bit more money to spend on it.

    A 7750 would play games very much better than that card will. Like 50% more FPS. It would make a huge difference if you can find the money to spare for that in addition to the money for the other things. You won't regret it if you can dig it up from somewhere.

    kelthic said:
    what is your budget for this upgrade?

    My assumption is $50 or so above the cost of the parts he chose himself as a maximum.
  3. U mean hd 7750 right? I'll go ahead and put that on my list. How about the hd 6770 vx? Core i3 2120 is ok for medium high settings plus a very good gpu card right?
  4. and also how about the hd 6670? medium to high settings is fine by me. performance over quality.
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    Sorry I dropped the ball on this, I usually don't lose track of a thread.

    The 6770 is the minimum card I would get for gaming. The 7750 is a better version of that with a newer architecture that performs about the same while using less power.

    Yes, I do mean HD in front of any kind of video card with 4 numbers in it. GTX in front of any kind of video card with 3 numbers in it.

    I haven't read any stats about the 6770 vs, but I do know the 6670 is a lot worse than a 6770.

    Anyway, I would set the minimum at 6770 if I were you. It is the best budget card for the money below a 6850. The 6850 is more bang for your buck, but it is more bucks in general than a 6770 is which is make or break for some people.
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