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  1. Your links don't work. Try reposting them.
  2. just reposted, hope they work, by the way if you want to reccomend a whole other build, go ahead
  3. You should honestly consider an Intel Build for gaming. There are so many forums and articles on this site alone that i won't bother linking all the supporting information. Suffice it to say Intel is better for gaming than AMD. Also, there's no real need for a memory fan.
  4. ^Both are true. Seriously... do Intel.

    I'll go down the list:

    1) PSU and Case: Nice selection
    2) SSD: Nice
    3) CPU cooler: Huh? Are you going to be overclocking that much? This is for a build that overclocks a LOT, yet no water cooling... keep in mind that this isn't an enthusiast build, while that cooler is for enthusiasts
    4) Case fans: Nothing special. I'm assuming you want them for the LEDs? They'll add noise
    5) RAM fans: ? Absolutely not necessary. I've rarely heard of people overclocking RAM... you've got an SSD, anyway
    6) CPU: No, no, no... while it may seem to have higher clock speeds, AMD is much worse than Intel. I'd recommend an i5-2500k here at $190
    7) Why the ultra-fast RAM? Go with some DDR3-1600 1.5v CAS9 RAM... the difference between these two isn't going to be very noticeable. Also, this RAM has CAS 11 which slows it down
    8) Your CPU fan should come with thermal compound
    9) I'd suggest an MSI Twin Frozr II OC 7870 instead... it performs just as good (even overclocks better) for a slightly lower price. 7870 is really a much better bet.
    10) AMD motherboard. I'd suggest going with an ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 Z68 for $120
    11) Fine with me.

    Overall, it seems like you're trying to cram enthusiast parts in a lower-budget build, which is why you went AMD. That's a bad idea... the enthusiast RAM (and coolers) as well as the CPU cooler is a little overboard. Save the money, get a Hyper 212 Evo, and get an i5-2500k with Extreme3 Gen3.
  5. Thanks for the advice, very helpful. I'd like some other opinions though(just in case)
  6. that looks great actually, keep opinions coming :P
  7. kelthic said:

    You should go with something like this except, swap out the 560ti for a 7870 and you are set.
    Edit: Thought I saw your budget as 1300, you can drop the SSD as that isn't necessary but if you want fast load times in like 1 or 2 games (half will be used by OS). 560 TI is a good card nonetheless.
  8. MSI Twin Frozr OC is great... could you try to expand your budget to get a 7850? That would be GREAT. Possibly drop the SSD? Trust me, slower load times are okay to exchange for a FREAKING AWESOME GRAPHICS CARD!

    Yeah, I'm a little worked up about the 7850/7870... they are both really really nice cards. The MSI Twin Frozr OC brand just makes them SUPERB <3 <3 <3
  9. problem with my budget is that i have about 250$, the rest would be for birthday and idk how much my parents will give me
  10. Well... you could say that the 7850 would future-proof you for much longer than the GTX 560 Ti... otherwise, the GTX 560 Ti won't let you down.
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